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Trucks & Trailers trailer by SCS Software

The point in Trucks & Trailers is not arriving first to the finish line or pushing your competitors off the road. The goal of this game is to learn how to drive a big truck by mastering all the basic abilities required in order to drive these 18-wheel steel machines.

Trucks & Trailers will test your skills in parking, attaching and dropping the trailer, fueling at a gas station, delivering goods and other basic truck-driver tasks. It may seem easy at first, but the realistic physics in Trucks & Trailers makes controls a bit hard to get to grips with – not to mention the trailer attached to your truck and its behavior.

The graphics in Trucks & Trailers are fine; not the most realistic we’ve seen, but with a good amount of detail and based on real models. Too bad the demo only lasts for 30 minutes, which hardly gives you time to start enjoying the game.

If you’ve always dreamed of driving a huge truck, this is your chance. Give Trucks & Trailers a go and enjoy the ride!

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